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Commentator Q: Do you support reversing Roe v Wade which would make abortion illegal?  You can only answer Yes or No.

Did you say Yes,... No,... or "EVENTUALLY"???  

If you said "EVENTUALLY" like my opponent did, go back and read Revelations 3:15-16   

Here is the 1 minute Pro-Life segment of the LWV debate (52 minute mark) that makes clear if you are Pro-Life there is only one candidate you can count on, Bill Fawell.  Go on, take a look, it's only a minute, don't be afraid.

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Here is the complete video of the LMV 17th District Republican Debate on Saturday Jan. 25th 2020, East Peoria, Illinois:

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"FLY OVER AMERICA ACT"  Here's my best answer on how to help the Farming and Rural communities in not only the 17th District, but across America.  I cover this in the above debate, but here is my video providing details.

The "FLY OVER AMERICA ACT" is a two part proposal to revitalize the 95% of geographic America that has been abused and ignored by federal and state governments. The first part is THE FOOD STORAGE ACT, biblical in nature to secure the food supply of America in the event of increasing cyclical changes in our weather patterns, which will also serve as an immediate means of recovery for the farming industry in the 17thDistrict here in Illinois and across the nation. 

  I propose the federal government begin the buying and storage of grain to be held on owner occupied farms and farm co-ops, revitalizing not only the price of grain to support America’s farmers, but to create rural jobs and grain bin sales.   The primary cost to the government will be in the rent payments to owner occupied farms and co-ops as at today’s interest rates, buying up surplus grain supplies is fully collateralized and inexpensive. I don’t believe China is a reliable partner and as America’s grain surpluses are taken off the table we will be prepared for future uncertainties while strengthening America’s negotiating position with foreign powers.   

  The second part of the FLY OVER AMERICA ACT is my VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT RECOVERY ACT, as our nations Volunteer Fire Dept have begun to disintegrate bringing ruin to those American’s who live in 95% of geographic rural America. nored by our

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Here's the link to the Eugene Farrell's above Press Release Endorsement of my campaign:  EINPresswire-509486147-eugene-farrell-former-republican-candidate-for-the-17th-congressional-district-ill-endorses-bill-fawell-for-congress.pdf  (cut & paste)

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"Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."
 - II Corinthians 3:17

"Government is not reason: it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."
- President George Washington

Today our government rules over we the People which is in direct opposition to what our Constitution intends, and that is for The People To Rule Over Our Government.  The Powers of Congress (Article I, Sec 7,8 & 9) largely defines our place in our government, which has been thoroughly compromised as has our Constitution.   

I believe in our United States Constitution. Its purpose is to protect we the people from our government by providing the framework of daily government where the people rule over that government.  I support all of our Bill of Rights specifically Free Speech, Petition, Assembly, Religon (1st Amendment), Right to Bear Arms (#2nd Amendment) because it is the back up plan to the 1st, and without the 2nd Amendment, there is no 1st Amendment.  

I support President Trump, I am Pro-Life and I attend the Galena Bible Church.

Here are the three (3) bills that will "Let The People Rule" over our government.

Let The People Rule

The following three bills will take these Federal Agency powers and return them to our Congress where they constitutionally belong.  This will restore the separation of powers as defined in our U.S. Constitution in a wave of decentralization that not only makes Congress start to do its job of writing laws in the light of day, but brings all America back together again and restores the morality of freedom and the shared wealth and bounty inherent to all Americans. 

Let The People rule. Term Limits are supported by 95% of The People ends the buying of Congress.  The next 2 bills are already before Congress with broad support in both Houses.  I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel but use what is already accepted, which together will change our corrupt for of Agency Capitalism that is destroying America.  My aim is to restore the organized decentralization of power, which our U.S. Constitution requires.  Once we restore The People as the rulers over their government can we begin to work out any remaining issues, understanding our Freedom and Liberty are a product of The Peoples Rule.  

1. Term Limits: It is a simple argument, in Illinois-speak it is comprised of two words: Mike Madigan

2.  The Federal Reserve Bank Transparency Act (Audit the FED): HR 24/SB 26

"The problem is, of course, that not only is economics bankrupt but it has always been nothing more than politics in disguise."
-Hazel Henderson (i.e.)
 Change the political manipulation of government and end our governments ability to bankrupt us all.

This Act calls for a limited snap shot audit of the Feds housing program, which is so corrupt once the America people get a look at it the Fed is Dead.  President Trump has been trying to pierce their veil and this will do it.  Ultimately it will lead to a gold standard money that now flows to Wall Street will return to Main Street as the quantitative action of the American People and their money will naturally regulate interest rates and the creation of credit, and not 7 individuals owned by the 2B2Fail Banks.

HR 24 has passed the House 3x and failed in the Senate. America's monetary policy has been stacked in favor of Wall Street and the 2B2Fail banks, like Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo too long at the expense of we American's.  And now HR 24 has support in the Senate (S.16) so the banksters like Wells Fargo are trying to kill it in the House. It requires a $5 million dollar audit of the FED programs after 2010 used to bail out the 2B2Fail Banks.  The level of corruption here is such that this power and duty of Congress over money (Art. I, sec 8, para 5, US Constitution) will shift back towards the Congress and become more accountable to The People, instead of the 2B2Fail Banks.  (see issues page on R&R of Fed)

3. The REINS Act... has passed the House (H.R. 26) and has been placed on the calendar in the Senate (S.21).  Requires costly agency law (think US EPA, HHS, ED) that make 90% of our laws, to pass the legislative procedure of Congress before being enacted into law. This slows the Imperial Presidency and lobbyist created law by forcing some of the powers of Congress back into the Congress, which is The Peoples place in our government.  This decentralizing process denies the access of power by the few and into the public forum for our daily review and makes Congress do their job; it restores The People's rule over their government. While not perfect, it's a good start.

Let The People Rule is not pie in the sky legislation, it is existing legislation currently before Congress. Their passage means a return of the Peoples Powers of Our Congress, the restoration of our economy for all Americans, the end of deficit spending and the End of Endless War.


People B4 Parties

Whether you are republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, green and everything in between it is time to reflect upon America, to come together and face the dangers we all face together.  United we can never fail.

Together we can light a beacon to all America and restore our government back to you... her people, along with the shared wealth and bounty of our great country.  And if the 17th will lead, America will follow because we all feel the same, we all know the problem is our government.

If you see merit in what I propose to our collective Liberty, Freedom and security, please join with me and place both your confidence and your vote with me.  I will never let you down in our endeavor for a better life for all American's, so that we can all "Live the Dream."


You can send checks to: Elect Fawell, 617 Ridge St, Galena, IL. 61036

Contact: Bill Fawell - 815.353.9888 - -


What is moral is what is legal, and what is legal is for sale
(This is what is wrong in America)

My campaign is run on these two principles: "Let the People Rule" and "People B4 Parties."  Our system of government is broken beyond repair, that is why we elected President Trump and we need to support him in restoring The Peoples Rule over our government.

Corruption in our political parties is bi-partisan today.  I have been censored by the Republican Party over a smear propaganda campaign by the same George Soros MediaMatters/Share Blue slander machine that attacks President Trump every day.  It is corrupt Republican party officials in Illinois who have taken hold of Soros propaganda and applied it against me because I do not and will not bow to their corruption in our government and in our Republican Party.

Censorship is the Brain Child of Corruption

They fear my message because they fear you, the American Voter and don't want you to wake up.   Those who seek to keep my message away from the people are corrupt whether they are democrat or republican.  Here in the 17th they have brought in a carpet bagger from Chicago (Esther King) as their chosen candidate who has told me personally and via text she will not support the 3 bills critical to Let The People Rule, because she can't because she represents the party because they support her. She is their candidate and does not support The People, but the Party and they have corrupted her.

She is also a member of the local branch of the Globalist Left Wing Council On Foreign Relations as you can see from this copy of her Linkedin Page which she has since erased. It is now called the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. They spend $15 million/yr supporting immigration, climate change and are aligned with the leftist Brookings Institute and the neocon Atlantic Council that has been at the center of promoting Russiagate against President Trump and promoting a war with Russia in Ukraine.


 No One Can Serve Two Masters

I cast my lot with The People from which I come.

I ask all True Republican's to join me and clean out these corrupt Republican officials wherever they lie.  You will know them because they deny me access to their Republican precinct committeeman and any and all events.  I have even been threatened with arrest if I show up to any Republican event.        

Currently I am banned in Stevenson Co. (Chesney), Whiteside Co. (Glazier), Henry Co. (Weber), Rock Island Co. (Mielke) and Mercer Co. (Sarapes), Peoria and maybe Henderson, I don't know, I can't get Bill to call me back.  They are influenced by political campaign operatives Jim Ries of Quincy, who Mark Kleine was referring to when he said these campaign people were the most corrupt people and he would no longer associate with when he removed himself from the campaign, Joe Woodward, Jim Durkin's gripper working at the behest of Durkin in Springfield and Tim Schneider figurative party head who does as he is Lake Co.  They are the purveyors of censorship and in doing so have self branding themselves as corrupt.

They have brought into the district a young lady from Chicago to run against me because they fear Term Limits because they all want to stay in power way past their expiration date.  It's kind of like a can of beans gone bad.   It is why Illinois is so corrupt. We The People must turn against them, vote them out where we can and/or those elected officials who support them.  We must take our party back.


Part I:
On Liberty: Overview of what a State of Liberty entails

Part II:
On Liberty: Impact upon Domestic Policy

The Removal and Replacement of the Federal Reserve Bank:
How the Quantitative Action of the People Regulates Monetary Policy



Wednesday, August 22, 2018 4:41 PM


I.   The Liberty Act: Far reaching legislation to reorganize our bankrupt federal government to allow the people to rule over our government once again as our Constitution originally established.  The purpose of this bill is to break up the power centers of our federal agency government and restore the constitutional powers of Article I, Sec 7, 8 & 9 back to the Congress and the respective 50 states.  The aim is to deny any one faction the access to power required to acquire the means to service themselves at the expense of all the people by restoring the means of the people to wade into our nations law making procedures via the Consent of the Governed.

II.  The Social Media Regulations Act: Something has to be done to even out the leftist tilt to the self serving, unequal and politicization of the Social Media giants like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook et al.  They have become a threat of our 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights and have proven themselves incapable of regulating themselves.  The precedent for regulation goes back to AT&T and the Baby Bells.

III.  The Volunteer Fire Department Act:  With the vanishing volunteer phenomena since the Crash of 2008, a 10 year bleed of the volunteer fireman has created a crisis to 95% of the surface area of the United States now serviced by our Volunteer Fire Departments accounting for 80% of all fire departments in America.  This Act will create insurance and a modest pension for all volunteer firemen giving local volunteer departments the means to attract and hold on to sufficient and qualitative personnel necessary to maintain the viable tradition of excellence America now takes for granted when it comes to fire departments and emergency services over 95% of the surface area of America.

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